The Gymba was created to keep you active.

Meet the Gymba

The Gymba is a revolutionary activation board that lets you create an ACTIVE workstation, helping you stand up and stay active during your day at the office. The Gymba also helps you maintain optimal posture while standing, ultimately preventing back-pain.

“Walk While Standing”

What makes the Gymba truly exceptional, is that its patented feature allows for a walking-like motion while standing. This will help you keep active all day while working at your standing desk.

Sitting Is Killing Us

Many experts are warning about the dangers of excessive sitting; they are even saying that sitting is the new smoking. There are an endless number of benefits of staying active during the work-day and the Gymba helps you do just that.

Boosts blood circulation

Reduces neck and back pain

Boosts productivity

Reduces sick-days

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Make standing easy.

Get a GYMBA.